An overview of removal and replacement of breast implant surgery

Breast augmentation is the most common of aesthetic/cosmetic surgical procedures carried out in the United Kingdom to date. The use of silicone implants is the most recognised, widely used and time tested method of breast enhancement. Implants are instrumental to increase the volume of the breasts, but they also bring certain issues related to the probability of wear and tear and in some cases, rupture.


Shailesh Vadodaria to speak at FACE

Face conference 2011Shailesh Vadodaria speaks at FACE 2011 - the UK's premier medical aesthetic conference and exhibition.

Shailesh will be speaking about the surgical creation of dimples on Saturday 25th June at 17:40.

The increasing popularity of dimple surgery

body language cover issue 44A knock-on effect from our celebrity era is the rising popularity of the cheek dimple, writes Mr Shailesh Vadodaria.


Marie Claire celebrity culture and cosmetic surgery feature

Marie Claire coverShailesh Vadodaria features as the dimple creations expert in an article about the growing trend between celebrity culture and dimple creation.


Feature on Beauty from Behind

Cosmetic Surgery mag issue 15Shailesh Vadodaria writes about why fashion focus has shifted from boobs to bum in Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Guide March 2011 issue.


Vadodaria Cosmetic Surgery featured in Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Guide

Cosmetic Surgery mag issue 15Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Guide features Vadodaria Cosmetic Surgery in the March 2011 issue.


Debating liposuction and psychology

body language 43 coverShailesh Vadodaria joins a panel discussion in Body Language magazine to discuss topics including liposuction and visceral fat, carboxytherapy and how to deal with poor patient perception during consultation.


The Cheryl Cole phenomenon and the rise of dimples

Cosmetic Surgery Mag issue 14A special feature by Shailesh Vadodaria on how the Cheryl Cole phenomenon has changed the face of beauty and led to an infatuation with dimples.


Shailesh Vadodaria on liposuction in Body Language magazine

Body Language 42 coverShailesh Vadodaria gives an insight into the cosmetic surgery's most misconceived procedure, discussing what it can really achieve, the equipment, and who makes a good patient.


Shailesh Vadodaria operates for Attitude magazine

Shailesh Vadodaria was chosen to operate for Attitude magazine. The following is an extract taken from Attitude magazine:

Attitude magazine cover

Drastic times call for drastic measure(ment)s - WAISTLINE LIPOSUCTION will take 10 years off your tummy.

Our surgery guinea pig Fabrico was tired of living with his beer belly. At 30 years old he noticed that even though he went to the gym three or four times a week, he still couldn't shift the underlying fat around his stomach.

Having moved from Brazil five years ago, it seems our bad eating habits had rubbed off on poor Fabricio so he decided a consultation at West London Clinic was in order. The surgeon who treated Fabricio at West London Clinic is Dr. Shailesh Vadodaria.


Shailesh Vadodaria title text

Consultant Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.

Shailesh VadodariaM.B.B.S, M.S
(Gen. Surgery)
M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)
FRCS (Plastic Surgery)

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