The Help Smile Trust is a UK registered charity devoted to provide health and education particularly reconstructive services and rehabilitation to disadvantaged individuals in developing countries. Mr Shailesh Vadodaria, one of the founders of Help Smile Trust has been enthusiastically pursuing this programme for the last 15 years with trips across many countries. The activities include performing cleft lip surgery and other procedures on children and adults who are unable to receive such specialist treatment as well as training local healthcare professionals. The beneficiaries of these services received their treatment at places such as Global Hospital and Research Centre, Mt. Abu (supported by Bramha Kumari Spiritual University), Walawalkar Charity Hospital, Dervan, India, Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh and Mercy Ship, Africa. The work done by Help Smile Trust continues to grow at a steady pace in order to provide help to as many children as possible.

The main mission of Help Smile Trust is:

“Creating sustainable environment and capability that helps unprivileged, downtrodden people- particularly children to smile again through health and education support for ultimate objective of global peace and bondage of love!”

Activities of Help Smile Trust are governed by Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria, a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in London, Mrs. Bela Vadodaria, a consultant anesthetist and pain management specialist based at the Hillingdon NHS Hospital in London, Mr. Rajeev Subhedar, a chartered accountant working for IBM and Mrs. Mohini Subhedar, a human resources consultant working for Deloitte. The team of these trustees carries with support from Smruti Mehta (www.medicalartsforcosmeticsurgery.com) and Dr. Saumil Vadodaria, a Research Fellow at University of Birmingham (www.birmingham.ac.uk) creates sustainable environment and capability that helps unprivileged, downtrodden people – particularly children to smile again through health and education support for ultimate objective of global peace and bondage of love.

The British 10K run has been the most noteworthy annual fundraising event for Help Smile Trust since 2011. Since then, the supporters of Help Smile run for 10 kilometres in the heart of central London on a Sunday in summer, while being dedicated for spreading the message about the charitable cause and to raise funds to support its activities. The main aim of Help Smile Trust is to raise funds for the following initiatives and the British 10K is the key fundraising event to carry out those initiatives.

  1. To help institutions in India helping people with mental illness.
  2. Shailesh Vadodaria, a plastic surgeon by profession visits the Mercy Ship in Africa to perform cleft lip and palate surgeries among other reconstructive procedures. Help Smile Trust aims to raise £5,000 each year to support this noble cause. (https://www.mercyships.org.uk/). In addition to this Help Smile Trust also supports reconstructive activities in Nepal.
  3. To provide bursaries to well deserving underprivileged students all over the world.
  4. To support organisation like Apulkee (apulkee.org/), “Asha-Munich” (www.asha-munich.de/), Navkshitij (http://www.navkshitij.org) and many more.

On 10 th July 2016, nearly 30 people put on their running shoes to participate in the British 10K in London to help raise money for the Help Smile Trust. In addition to supporting this event these people helped in fundraising by spreading the noble cause amongst their friends and family through social media.


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