Our Philosophy

Looking good and feeling even better go hand in hand and has become the norm of the modern society. Aesthetic surgery plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the mankind. It has firmly established its place in the modern society.

These well-established benefits demand a professional responsibility and duty of care upon the plastic surgeon. As surgeons, it is our prime duty to offer surgery which is effective, safe and ultimately gives a natural result. Emphasis must be placed on “natural”. At our clinic this philosophy is etched in stone, from the initial consultation right through to post-operative care. We thrive hard to fulfil the realistic desire of our patients.

We are confident that no ethical plastic surgeon would ever disagree with this statement; we are personally attached to this most strongly. We absolutely abhor any possibility that a patient of ours could look stretched, pulled or distorted in any way.

Our aim:

The main aim of surgery is to make people look better and not different. We believe that surgery should be approached in a holistic way keeping the satisfactory outcome as the principle goal. We believe in natural, classic, soft beauty that glows from within as well as being visible on the outside.


One of the key step towards achieving an excellent result is the important step is the initial detailed consultation with a consultant surgeon. The main responsibility of a surgeon is the unique ability to gain an understanding of what his patients want, to assess their anatomy, to imagine what would look best for patients given their goals and finally to discuss these all with them in a concise, open and understandable way.

Our aim is for patients to leave their visit with a comprehensive and realistic understanding of what is achievable and see a feeling of contentment on their face. Conversely, in all these years we have also obtained a reputation for being honest enough to refuse patients when we feel surgery will not benefit them, or will make very minimal difference post-operatively as to render a risk to benefit ratio as unacceptably high! Since, Honesty is the best Policy we aim towards it and being honest and managing expectations helps us build a relationship between a surgeon and our prospective patient. Trust is everything in a relationship and we aim towards it right from the beginning.

We provide an initial consultation of approximately 45 minutes to an hour. This is very essential for the prospective patient as well as a surgeon to establish the feasibility of aesthetic goals and to explain and discuss realistically achievable expectations.

A word about safety and procedures:

In all these years many new techniques, implants, instruments and equipments have come and gone. We do not gush to adopt them unless an added advantage to their use can be unequivocally proven. In most circumstances meticulously executed, proven techniques serve patients better in most situations than the most recently advertised techniques being discussed in the press.

We do not say that we do not execute any of the latest techniques, because we certainly do. What it does mean is that we weigh up the options and use techniques which will provide our patients with their expected best results, rather than aggressively using the “latest or newest” techniques if we are not satisfied that this will give our patient the result they wish.

We believe that it is equally important to stay in touch with a patient after surgery. While we are thankful to god that our surgery is very busy, we make sure that our patients don’t feel that the personal touch is missing in the post-operative period.

Last but by no means least, there is also an element of iniquity felt about having any elective surgery. Friends and relatives of many people tell them that they don’t need surgery and question them as to why they want to subject themselves to any risk. This is totally understandable.

Reassuring experience:

Prospective patients should, above all else, feel comfortable and relax with their choice of surgeon and practice. Although the operation is one aspect of the whole experience the other things like your hospital stay and follow-up visits need to be organised in a reassuring and comfortable manner in order to make your entire experience a positive one and make you feel that you are in safe hands!


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